Residential Services

We offer a variety of different programs each customized to fit the customer’s individual needs.  We specialize in total yard care for neighborhoods in the Triangle area.


  • Cool season turf is mowed to a height of four inches. Warm season is mowed at two inches. Clippings are never allowed to clump. Curbs, walks and beds are edged regularly. All pavement, walkways and porches are blown.


  • Weeds in beds, walkways and natural areas are pulled or sprayed using an EPA registered herbicide. All herbicides are applied by a skillfully trained professional.

LEAF blowing

  • Blowing grass clippings is done is coordination with the lawn trimming but leaf blowing is an additional service. We can blow leaves to a natural area, bag and leave on your curb or take away for an additional disposal fee.


  • Pruning takes place three times per year. The first pruning is scheduled after the spring bloom: late April through May. The second pruning takes place late August and September. This is a light prune, just touching up any runners and keeping plants in their proper shape. The third and final pruning occurs in late fall.


  • To maintain a thick, healthy lawn we recommend turf overseeding on an annual basis in the Triangle area. Our overseeding program begins with aeration of your soil using a core type aerator. This process not only provides an excellent seeding surface, it loosens compaction which makes your existing turf healthier. We then apply a high quality turf type Fescue seed to give you the best turf possible.


  • The first application is a pre-emergent barrier for crabgrass. The Second application is a post-emergent spray for broadleaf weeds. Our two spring fertilizer applications use an organic source of nitrogen. This type of nitrogen bonds with the soil particles and is released very slowly as micro-organisms break them down. This builds and enriches the soil to make it more fertile and productive. It also reduces excess clippings and thatch build up.

    We do not fertilize fescue lawns in the summer. This can burn the lawn or cause diseases. We apply dolomitic limestone to provide calcium and magnesium, two micronutrients that are essential to a healthy lawn.

    Our three fall fertilizer applications use a synthetic source of nitrogen. These products are polymer coated for very efficient feeding.

    Weeds are controlled by enriching the soil to promote a dense turf that will choke out weeds. We also reduce pesticide use by applying minimal amounts at proper times. If weeds do grow, we will spot spray with each application.

    This is a very environmentally friendly program that is also safe for children and pets.