Our Programs


The maintenance agreement involves bundling and pre-scheduling your services. The advantage of this program is consistent maintenance at your property. We also take care of scheduling all your services at the appropriate time of year. You do not have to worry about making the calls. A typical maintenance agreement includes lawn trimming, edging, leaf blowing, weed control in beds, lawn care applications and pruning. The customer is billed in 12 monthly installments for a one year contract.

Lawn Trimming

This arrangement is for the customer who may need regular lawn trimming but not the full range of other services. Other services are certainly available and can be scheduled upon request: leaf blowing, lawn care applications, pruning, aeration and seeding, spraying or pulling weeds in beds. When you contact us let us know your needs and together, we will design a service plan that is right for your budget and your lawn.

Lawn Care Applications

This is our fertilizer and weed control program for your lawn. It is a tried and trusted program proven to keep your turf healthy and looking great throughout the year. Our lawn care program was custom designed by a NCSU horticulturist specifically for the Raleigh area with our unique weather patterns in mind. We are environmentally conscious professionals and utilize only the highest quality products available.