About Us

Fetsko Lawn Care is a full service landscape company dedicated to meeting the individual needs of all of our customers. Our goal is to give our clients the personal attention that makes a difference. We have been in business in the Raleigh/Cary area since 1992 and currently serve over 300 clients.

We have three key elements that enable us to maintain service excellence.  The first element is that we are locally and family owned by Rod and Marlene Civis.  We want to provide the same service that we would expect as the customer.  We live in this area so we are in touch with the unique weather patterns.  Our programs are designed and scheduled especially for the local climate.

The second element is technology.  We have several systems in place that allow us to provide quality service on your property.  These include: 1) Customer software that helps us keep track of your unique requests and schedule, 2) GPS helps us keep our crews scheduled efficiently and keep your costs affordable, 3) Communication tools that allow us to relay your requests to crew supervisors.

The third element that enables Fetsko Lawn Care to maintain service excellence is our people.  We have a core group of individuals who have been employed with Fetsko over 5 years and in a few cases, over 15 years. The crews are supported by an active management team. Rod Civis, owner and President, is readily available for consultations. We also have a friendly office staff to assist you through the week with any questions or concerns.

Combine these three assets with a passion for our work, the Fetsko customer has a powerful ally when it comes to taking care of your landscape.

Owner Rod Civis

Fetsko Crew

Juventino and Pearl