Invasion of….

Bermuda grass invading Fescue lawn
bermuda in fescue

Invasion of….

No, not zombies or body snatchers….grass! Unwanted grasses mixing in our lawns is certainly not as scary but still unpleasant.

Bermuda often invades Fescue lawns in this area and if untreated, will eventually take over. Occasionally, Fescue and Bluegrass will disrupt a Bermuda or Zoysia lawn. This is not usually a long term problem as long as the Bermuda or Zoysia is in a bright, sunny area. Healthy Bermuda and Zoysia will spread and choke out the invasive grass.

Let’s elaborate on Bermuda invading Fescue. Bermuda spreads aggressively by rhizomes beneath the surface and stolons above the surface so pre-emergent applications are not always effective. Bermuda will also spread by seed in the fall when you are trying to allow Fescue seed to germinate.

In most cases, maintaining a strong, healthy Fescue turf will keep invading grasses out. Here are some maintenance tips for Fescue:

1) Mow Fescue at the proper height for the season, between 3.5 and 4 inches. Mow weekly in the spring and fall when growth is aggressive so clippings do not leave clumps.
2) If you have irrigation, run the program in the early morning hours, not in the evening.
3) Keep leaves, debris and dog waste off the lawn.
4) Fetsko’s lawn care program will help keep the turf and soil healthy and control weeds throughout the year.
5) Fetsko will also aerate and seed in the fall to keep the lawn thick.
6) Fetsko can consult with you to diagnose other potential problems from insects, rodents or disease.
7) If a neighbor has Bermuda, sometimes a physical barrier such as a bed or border is necessary.

In spite of following all these maintenance tips, mother nature still plays a role. This summer was brutal with extreme temperatures and lack of rain. Fescue will struggle and Bermuda will find a way in to those bare and thin areas. If Bermuda is causing a problem in your lawn, we can discuss a plan to re-establish the desired turf.

In the meantime, keep searching for the zombie apocalypse survival tips.

Side by side after steps 4 and 5 above: